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Adhérez Donnez

The Association provides at last a meaning to Valentin's brief passage on this earth: to help other couples in distress. The first thank you of parents, relieved as they no longer felt alone in their experience, was our first victory. For me, the human and relational aim is more important, as it is so tragically indispensable to cope on a daily basis.

Isabelle Marchetti, mum of Amandine, Valentin, Jean-Baptiste, Gwenaë and Anaëlle - october 2001

Our peaceful, perfect life was shattered on April 24 1992, with the birth of our third child, Valentine. We learnt what was meant by a partial trisomy, and realised the suffering involved in no longer being a «normal» family. We soon found out that the medical profession does not have all the answers, and that the relatives and close friends cannot find the right words. Fortunately being able to share experiences with other families «like us» is comforting. It is a considerable help to leave behind loneliness with its anguish and doubts. Our most beautiful message of hope lies in our little Clemence, now aged 1.

Valérie Paul-Labaume - june 1995

I am the carrier of a reciprocal translocation of chromosome 3 and 4...
All these terms were unknown to me until I discovered them through the death of my son Valentin. His delayed growth lead us to have a karyotype done, which was unbalanced. Research within the family showed that I am a carrier so is my mother. What can you say when confronted with this? I am 30 years old, I am similar to many other men, however my chromosomes are altered. Am I normal? Certainly, but in order to start a family my wife and I need special medical attention and moral support. Am I different? Certainly not because I am «translocated», but because I have learned the price of pregnancy and the blessing of children.

Thierry Marchetti - june 1993